About Stephanie

True Facts Bio (*scroll down for basic bio*):

Stephanie Seales was born in the eye of a tornado that snatched her from her mother's loving arms and threw her into the sea. There, she was saved by a pod of exceptionally empathetic dolphins who soon delivered her to kind elves who could better care for a land mammal. The elves raised her as their own and she grew up running wild in the forest and swimming free in the ocean. Eventually, she decided to heed the call of adventure and seek her fortune on the road. For years, she made her way around the world as a traveling bard—her lute playing and singing is said to be so beautiful that the sound can warm even the coldest heart. On the road, she learned many useful skills, including sword fighting, which came in handy during her many adventures, like when she saved an innocent dragon from an evil princess. News of her impressive exploits have traveled far and wide so that wherever she goes she's met with hearty huzzahs and free meals. Eventually, she tired of life on the road and decided to settle in the countryside. She now spends her days with her trusty canine companion, Pan, exploring, dreaming, foraging mushrooms, sipping tea, and, of course, writing, near the water.

Also True Bio:

Stephanie Seales is the California-born daughter of Panamanian immigrants. She's also a storyteller, dreamer, doer, and children’s book expert who’s worked in nearly every aspect of the industry. She understands the power of story and follows Toni Morrison’s advice, writing the books she wants to read. She dreams and creates with her magical canine companion, Pan, near the water in the Hudson Valley, NY.